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Daniel Ángel Romero Senior editor

The following review written by one of the Software Informer contributors applies to version 1.7
NoteWorthy Composer is a software music composition and notation processor for Windows.

With this program you can write your own songs, or transcribe existing ones, using the notation editor, that allows you to create notation in a similar way to writing a document in a word processor.
You can then add parts, notes, text, lyrics, and symbols. By using a note palette you can visually set most note attributes, with keyboard shortcuts for note entry.

The user can later play back the songs through the computer's sound card, or external MIDI setups. The program will show the notes highlighted as they are played.

An external MIDI keyboard can be also be used for entering your music. You can use the record button to record a song while it´s being played, and later polish it in the notation editor.

You can complete the score adding lyrics, bar lines, persistent notes. You can also transpose notes as you wish, insert tempo, etc.

The final score can be later printed out, or published in Internet.


  • It´s very easy to use and powerful.


  • None.
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What's new in version 2.5

- New Insert Spacer mechanism
- New Boundary Change for dynamically changing a staff boundary during print
- New Boundary Collapse for dynamically hiding parts on some print systems
- New Boundary Change Staff Gap for creating a gap in the system, commonly used for ending Coda sections
- Full "round trip" support for working with *.nwctxt files
- User tool support for accessing the entire file or just the current selection
- New character map utility for use in creating text expressions via Insert, Text
- Text Expression access to primary and cue sized Staff Symbol Font
- New Edit, Filtered Properties command
- Shape notes
- Pause command during play back
- New Multi-measure Rest
- New Bar Number Panel in the editor which shows the measure numbers for the active staff
- Caesura added to Tempo Variance
- Staccatissimo articulation
- Marcato articulation
- Persistent note tools are now individually configurable
- The Orchestral staff style now supports staff groups, with each different group shown in its own bracket in the conductor score
- Support beaming through a clef change
- An Abbreviated Staff Label can be optionally assigned to each staff
- New page setup option for printing a multi-staff system separator mark
- Special endings now support start, continue, and close configurations
- New special ending bracket height and offset options
- New Transparent bar line style
- Group support to the Mute List tool (2.5.3)
- Individual magnification option to toolbars (2.5.3)
- Toolbar button for inserting a system break (2.5.3)

What's new in version 2.1

New interactive piano bar, with significant editor integration .
New "Viewer Mode" for in place editing of the printed view of the work .
New cross hair for quickly finding your current location/insertion point .
Improved active staff boundary lines when in edit mode .
Color highlighting for noteheads with a new quick access tool palette .
New backup mechanism for handling .bak files during save .
New staff label taskbar in the editor, with tooltip for current clef, key, and time signature .
New persistent selection when changing the active staff .
New multiple document selector in the status bar .
New Layering Tool for quickly combining visible staves into layers .
Play/record indicator in the document selector .
Current clef, time signature, bar and MIDI channel are shown in the status bar .
A file changed indicator in the editor window's title bar and Window menu selector .
An origin indicator in the editor window's title bar and Window menu selector for unsaved editor windows from imported or backup sources .
Support for opening a file as "read-only" .
New "Fake" items in user tool clip text provide reliable play context for smaller clipped sections .
Expand editor background color control to support full RGB palette .
New active staff background color while in edit mode .
A command line program, nwc-conv.exe, is now included for converting *.nwc files to and from various other formats .
New "Show/Hide Rest" option for RestChord objects .
New line drawing techniques to help work around buggy print drivers .
Tools->Windows Volume Control support in Windows 7 and Vista .
MIDI import safeguards when encountering null tempos .
Audit bar line handling of double dots at bar boundary .
Leger lines now always print in matching color to the staff .
Leger lines are drawn consistently for staves with custom number of lines .

Publisher's description

NoteWorthy Composer is a software music composition and notation processor for Windows. It allows you to create, record, edit, print and play back your own musical scores.Write your own songs, or transcribe existing songs, using the notation editor and so much more.

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    Guest 4 years ago

    The simplest, yet powerful music writing software.

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